NTS 2.0 Training Materials

Training is an integral part of the NTS 2.0 program. We want to ensure you can learn how to handle traffic using easy-to-understand, modern video and other content. This page contains our expanding library of NTS training content.

Getting Started in Traffic Handling

The first video provides a brief introduction to the National Traffic System.

A Brief Introduction to the National Traffic System

You can view a copy of the presentation used in this video here. Thank you to Ray Lajoie, AA1SE, for producing these training materials.

Traffic Handling 101 Series – The Basics

The following is a three-part series of training videos that are particularly useful for introducing NTS and helping new traffic handlers get started.

Traffic Handling 101 – Introduction to the National Traffic System

Traffic Handling 101 – Radiograms

Traffic Handling 101 – Sending Traffic

The following are the presentations used in the above training videos.

Thank you to Andy Harmon-Kimball, W2ZXN, for producing these training materials.

Traffic Handling Tools

NTS 2.0 Program Volunteers are working hard to produce some useful tools that enable the origination and handling of Traffic in new ways. The following are training videos for some of our tools.

Radiogram Portal

Now, there’s a way for YOU to try Amateur Radio messaging! Think of a friend or family member you’d like to contact by Radiogram. You can send any short message if it’s not business-related, urgent or critical, or too private or personal. Your message will be picked up by an Amateur Radio volunteer operator and relayed across the country to near its destination; finally, the recipient will get a local phone call from a nearby ham, or the message might even be delivered in person. Along the way, ham operators will relay your message by voice, digital, or even Morse code, and get valuable practice in emergency public service.

You can learn more about and try the Radiogram Portal here.

Radiogram Portal Training Video

Thanks to Jonathan  Taylor, K1RFD, for producing these training materials.

APRS Radiogram Gateway

You can now use an APRS to send a radiogram through the NTS gateway.  NTSGTE is an APRS information service that receives radiograms and forwards them on to the Digital Traffic Network.  Radiograms are then relayed on as usual.  This service can be useful when you need to send a radiogram but cannot check in to a traditional NTS net. You can learn more about this tool here.

Sending an NTS Radiogram with APRS

Agency Traffic Handling Procedures and Forms

It is important to handle agency traffic using forms and formats that serve agencies’ specifications and to pass and deliver agency traffic in the exact format that it originated in. The NTS 2.0 project has developed a flexible system for encoding agency traffic to meet these needs. The following training videos explain how this system handles ICS-213 formatted Traffic. You can learn more here.

ICS-213 Part I – Encoding to Hybrid Radiogram