NTS 2.0 Promotional Resources

The materials on this page are resources that can be used to promote participation in activities utilizing the National Traffic System (NTS). Materials include information on getting involved in NTS intended for new Hams.

NTS 2.0 LetterNTS 2.0 Letter

The NTS 2.0 Letter is a monthly publication available to all ARRL members. Similar to the popular ARES Letter, this new publication is designed to share information concerning improvement and enhancement efforts of the NTS 2.0 working groups, traffic handling activities around the country, traffic tips, and spotlights on NTS leadership. You can sign up to receive it by logging into arrl.org, visiting your profile page, and selecting opt-in. Click on edit to find all available subscriptions, select NTS Letter, and click save. You can view our NTS 2.0 Letter archive here.

Handout for Clubs, License Testing Sessions, and Field Day

NTS Flyer

A handout for use at Licensing sessions, Hamfests, Club meetings, and other events is available here for download. Remember to include your contact information. Also, remember to include information on your local traffic nets on the back of the flyer.

NTS at Field Day

How to add more points and fun!

When you are doing ARRL Field Day planning, one thing to add to your activity is traffic handling. There are a variety of ways to add traffic handling to your operation. It is not difficult to do this. Here are some suggestions:

  • Add traffic to a VHF/UHF station. (These stations are free) Messages can be transmitted to a pre-determined home station or to a scheduled traffic net.
  • Have one of the HF stations change to a predetermined station and frequency operating from home and pass the message to be placed with an upcoming net.
  • Information tables can have brochures on messaging with a setup using a handheld on a simplex channel that is 1000 feet or more away. Not only is this a good demonstrator, but you can also use it as an educational bonus, demonstrating the traffic message process and form. The handout in the previous section is a great resource for your public information table at Field Day.
  • If you have a computer with Internet Access at your public information table, you can use the NTS 2.0 Radiogram Portal to enable visitors to originate radiograms and learn about the traffic system. It’s fun!
  • Don’t forget digital! Demonstrate Winlink! What a thing to show how we can send emails WITHOUT the internet!
  • Have a GOTA station? The above suggestions can also work well as part of your GOTA activities as well.

This can add another level of activity for Field Day and give new hams and even those interested in communications in an emergency more to show. You will also receive additional points for handling traffic during your Field Day activities. You can download more information and the associated Field Day rules for passing traffic here.

NTS Training Videos

Several NTS Introductory and Training Videos can be used in various situations, including Club Meetings, Hamfests, Field Day Public Information Displays, etc. You can find these videos on our website here.

The following is a three-part series of training videos that are particularly useful for introducing NTS and helping new traffic handlers get started.

Traffic Handling 101 – Introduction to the National Traffic System

Traffic Handling 101 – Radiograms

Traffic Handling 101 – Sending Traffic

Thank you to Andy Harmon-Kimball, W2ZXN, for producing these training materials.

Introduction to NTS Presentations

Traffic Handling 101 Presentations
Traffic Handling 101 Presentation

We encourage you to consider giving introductory presentations at meetings and Hamfests. The following is a three-part series of introductory training presentations that you can use. The previous section contains video versions of these presentations. Thank you to Andy Harmon-Kimball, W2ZXN, for producing these training materials.